The Motorcycle Awareness Special Plates for Automobiles/Trucks are now available in 2 States (LA offers motorcycle plates):

Louisiana and Mississippi



MAC specialty plates can be order by going to then click "Special Plates" and follow their directions.  This site will give the price when the order form button is pressed. If you have recently renewed your old plate you will get an adjustment for time used. The Process is easy to follow. For questions call 1-877-368-5463.

The funds generated from the purchase of the specialty plates will be used by MAC National Team to increase awareness and promote/support training and education efforts for motorcyclist.


If you prefer to visit a buisiness that has them in stock:

Louisiana Auto Title Bureau

300 Gause Blvd West (Next to Big Lots) 
Slidell, LA  70460-2433

Phone (985) 643-5500
FAX (985) 649-0466
Open 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday,  9:00 am to NOON Saturdays


We have been approved through the State of Mississippi for our MAC license plates for our cars and trucks. Therefore we are now taking orders for them and must pre-sell 300 before they will go in to production. If we can get the 300 sold before October 1, 2013 the first production run will be in January.


This will be a great fundraiser for MAC enabling us to further promote our message in bigger and better ways, giving us a more constant stream of income throughout the state.  If you have not already placed your order, please fill out the attached form, include a check made payable to Mississippi State Tax Commission in the amount of $31.00 and mail it to:


Motorcycle Awareness Campaign
P.O. Box 858
Olive Branch, MS 38654

We have a few orders in so far but have a long way to go. Please feel free to make copies of the attached form and share them with friends and family. We all know that this is a great cause and this is a huge step for us here in Mississippi.

On another subject:

We are looking for a few good members... North MS chapter needs an aggressive Events Coordinator that will take on the task of finding, organizing and even creating events for MAC to be a part of. After all it's all about putting our message in front of the public. Whether it be flea markets, gun shows, car shows, kids safety day, city and town festivals, or what ever it may be, we need to be there promoting Motorcycle Awareness, bringing in new members and taking donations to help us keep moving forward. Someone who can get us in the events and make the contact with members to work it. We are always looking for new ways to get the message to the motoring public. Not necessarily just the motorcyclists, but to everyone on the roadways.

If anyone is interested in taking on the task Please let us know.

Ride Safe!

Motorcycle Awareness Campaign
North Mississippi Chapter

MAC NOLA is a proud member of the 


Please take a moment to place a small monetary contribution to the MAC. ALL donations are turned around in the form of materials for the community. Please help us to make a difference.

MAC License Plate

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