Pine Belt Chapter

Please welcome our latest chapter - Pine Belt Chapter - Hattiesburg MS.

om Crais, "Like some of the other MAC chapters, the Pine Belt MAC chapter was started by a motorcyclist who was tired of seeing and hearing about motorcycle injuries and deaths to friends and others. Just wait and see, our Mississippi MAC Chapters are going full bore and with Lynn at the Helm will be no exception.

Lynn Hatten, “I’ve had enough, and I want to do something about it”.  While attending a MAC event in north Mississippi, hosted by the North Mississippi MAC chapter, Lynn talked to Kevin Dur (North MS MAC Chapter Director) about doing something in the Hattiesburg area.  A kick-off meeting was conducted followed by the officer training on July 21st.

As of today there are MAC bumper stickers on 45 Lamont County Sheriff vehicles, way to Go Lynn.

Director - Lynn Hatten
Vice Director - Mike Bush
Secretary - Delton Smith
Treasurer - Lynn Bush

The look of SERIOUS business from Lynn and the Boys.  You just get the feeling of.. "determination" from the Pine Belt MAC crew out of Hattiesburg MS. There is NO doubt in my former military mind that this train is on the right track.


No one EVER lets me finish what I'm saying, but it's all good.

Phone call from Jeff Haydel, "Jerry, call Lady Lynn from Hattiesburg, she's wants to chat about putting things together and getting on the website and has some ideas."  Just hearing the excitment in Jeff's voice had me wondering, OK, now I HAVE to see what this is all about..

Ring Ring, Lynn, this is Jerry from MAC National Website.  Do you have just a few minutes to talk about...

 That's all I really said.  Listen, I've not met Lynn Hatten personally yet, but calling her on the phone certainly has me stirred up just from hearing the sincere motivation in her heart when it comes to wanting to get that motorcycle safety message out to the public.  Whoa..  She certainly has some fantastic ideas.

I just had to call Warrren and tell him.

Ring Ring, Hey Warren, "I just got off the phone with Lynn and..."

Warren Broussard, "Jerry, you ain't got to tell me nothin, that Lynn is a ball of fire and this my friend is a MAC Train express.."

Ring Ring, Tom, I spoke to Lynn and ...




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